Life Beyond COVID-19

We face an extraordinary challenge with the world being stricken by a pandemic not seen on this scale for the last 100 years when the Spanish Flu spread across the globe during wartime mobilization.

We are here to brainstorm and envision a way forward through these difficult times and examine how daily life has been changed and what opportunities lie ahead for a brighter future together.

Join us on this journey.

Photo by Jarl Schmidt on Unsplash

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Five Tips For Weathering This School Year

While there is no shortage of press coverage regarding ‘back to school’ plans across the countries – and certainly no clear national path or strategy – we’re yet again tossed into a situation where parents will continue to incur hefty tax burdens (property taxes, state sales taxes, state income taxes, federal income taxes) to support… Continue reading →

Hotel Stays During Covid Time

I recently drove through ten states to check in on family and also attend a spontaneous funeral from a death occurring while I was visiting. During my trip, I was observing how states differed in their responses to operating in the waning tail of our Covid experience in America. Counter to what you may hear… Continue reading →

The “New Normal” in Education is Anything But

On March 1st, 2020 only 1.6 million K-12 students had taken any course fully online yet within the weeks that followed that number grew not by a little, but by an astounding 45.3 million learners.  What did we learn from this sudden experiment with massively scaled online learning and what does it mean for the… Continue reading →


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