Social Distancing When You Don’t Have A Tape Measure

Without a ready vaccine, social distancing has been the primary method of slowing the spread of the coronavirus. Since social distancing’s effectiveness requires mass participation, it has created a some public health communication challenges. It’s not just that the public needs to be convinced that social distancing is important and effective, they need to know how to do it. Specifically, they need to know how far away 6 feet is. 

The best way to communicate distance is through a familiar reference point. Of course coronavirus is a worldwide problem and these reference points  vary from place to place. Here are some examples of how governments around the world are getting the word out:


San Diego




Kansas City




New Mexico



American Red Cross




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Anthony Atlas

Anthony likes exploring what's possible at the intersection of science and technology. By day he tackles challenges at, where he leads commercial efforts with food & agriculture companies. At night he chases his son Orin (with some help from his pregnant wife, Kate).

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