Hotel Stays During Covid Time

I recently drove through ten states to check in on family and also attend a spontaneous funeral from a death occurring while I was visiting.

During my trip, I was observing how states differed in their responses to operating in the waning tail of our Covid experience in America. Counter to what you may hear on the media, who have a vested interest in fomenting rage & fear to make revenue, America looks to be on the same page regarding dealing with a virus.

From California, through Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas, Colorado, Utah, and Nevada I saw traffic billboards along the interstates asking for people to be vigilant in wearing masks and be cognizant of distance.

However, life can’t operate in a vacuum. It must go on. People have responsibilities, they have children to provide for, they have crops to harvest, and groceries to buy for feeding their family.

So, I saw that most people were proactively wearing masks in public, they were utilizing hand sanitizer offerings, and trying to be conscious of keeping approximately six feet apart from one another in lines.

One larger change that I saw pertained to the Hilton chain of hotels. I first saw it in Texas, the state that the self-righteous West/East Coasters & media deride for not shutting down its economy to surrender to groupthink that would result in depression.

Hilton has enacted a policy change called “Hilton Clean Stay” where the hotel chain will prepare your room, seal the door with a type of chain-of-custody sticker that you must break upon entering, and inside you will see additional signage informing you that the room was cleaned with Lysol to eliminate viruses. In addition to the literature, a few of the hotels had lain out little packages of clean wipes near commonly used items such as telephones and TV remotes.

I think this is a good innovative change for a large hotel chain that may even have a good use during non-virus times for the sake of eliminating concern of guests questioning whether their room is really cleaned in all of the areas that are important or if it was just wiped down with a wet rag. This is a large reason as to why I will not stay in AirBNB accommodations where people are just renting out an extra room in their homes. I want to make sure that my environment is clean and that I can just go in and relax during my travels without questioning my surroundings.

Props to Hilton for taking it upon themselves to go the extra mile to both help protect patrons and staff members. The marketer in me knows that it’s also a co-branding marketing opportunity with Lysol most likely helping to split the costs to build brand loyalty and trust with travelling customers. That’s OK. It’s a smart business move on both sides.

So, in the wake of a tragic event such as Covid, we are still seeing businesses trying to adapt to operate in this environment with some performing better than others.

I’d also like to leave you with a gentle reminder to remain very skeptical of our media and their agendas. What we see published from their establishments has told a very different story than what I and others have witnessed in person across this country. Don’t let them divide you with politics. This isn’t a political issue. It’s a health crisis issue that doesn’t care about politics and is not the fault of an administration, but rather the fault of a foreign regime that tried covering up the outbreak and did nothing for the sake of others.

A Divine Restaurant Experience

Recently, I was on a short road trip with a friend and I saw a sign for a restaurant that I adore from back home in Arkansas, Cracker Barrel.

I know, it’s a chain restaurant, but so what? I generally stay away from chain restaurants, but Cracker Barrel is very consistent all across the country and, in the end, I’m a Southern boy far way from home without anything close to Southern food nearby.

As we were driving by Sacramento, California, I did a quick search for where this Cracker Barrel was located in the city. Unfortunately, it turned out that the restaurant was on the opposite side of the city and I wasn’t willing to turn around on this leg of thew trip. I figured we would just have to make plans to stop by on the way back.

Just when our hopes were dashed for the day, and stomachs grumbling, there was a new hope. The skies parted, the sun shown through, and I spotted the divine brown and golden sign of Cracker Barrel a mere 30 minutes away in Rocklin, California.

Could it be? Yes, it was a second location in the Southern food desert of West Coast. I had already missed the interstate exit for that restaurant because there was no warning ahead of time that this glorious establishment resided there in Rocklin. This time, I wasn’t going to resist turning around. It was going to happen. We had been in lockdown far too long to pass up the chance to go to Cracker Barrel.

I took the next exit, turned around, and sped back to the previous exit, cautiously making sure to take the correct part of the exit to ensure that we had no more barriers between us and that simple comfort food housed behind that humble exterior lined with rocking chairs.

We pulled into the parking lot and I wanted to make sure to set our expectations low and told my friend that we may just have to get a to-go order and eat in the car. However, as we got closer to the door, I saw the magnificent message on an outdoor banner saying “The Dining Room In Now Open.” Yes, you read that correctly, it was a restaurant where you could eat inside of the establishment in the state of California.

After we walked through the door — with masks on — we felt like kids in a candy store, but I guess we were literally in a candy store too. We were seated promptly, walking through the dining area with walls adorned with the typical antique kitsch. We found a dining area with every other table closed off in order to give diners space between each other. Aside from the spacing, cutting capacity down by half, the dining experience was the same. We both had to order our obvious choice, Chicken Fried Steak with gravy. What else would you order at Cracker Barrel after having not had that luxury for so long? It was a no-brainer.

Cracker Barrel, Chicken Fried Steak

What struck me as odd, after the fact, was our absolute elation of being able to do something that used to be normal and mundane. Eating at chain restaurants were just a given and a way to end being hungry while driving across a state during a trip. Now, it feels like a luxury or a event to simply go sit inside of a restaurant and have some sort of semblance of normal life which we have had stripped away from us after six months of a virus changing everyday life across the globe.

I look forward to the time, hopefully soon, where we can go back to doing the things that were just normal, assumed, uneventful, and taken for granted. We don’t know what we have until it’s gone. Don’t take your Chicken Fried Steak & Dumplings for granted.

Cracker Barrel, Chicken & Dumplings

We all deserve to be able to enjoy time with our friends and family eating in America’s restaurant, Cracker Barrel.

Office Or No Office, That Is The Question

Okay, so it is not quite the question asked in Hamlet, but it is really a question that a lot of businesses and workers are asking themselves right now during international lockdowns. If you find yourself asking, “Where will I work?” or “Do we need to pay for an office?” then you are probably thinking about the short term and that makes a lot of financial sense. However, I think this is a much larger question. The question that really needs answering is “What makes us Human?” The answer to that is “people.”

My background study, before I became a mountain man living off in the mountains as a hermit, was around cultural and forensic Anthropology. It was a wonderful area of study for me because it helped answer many of the questions that I had about what makes us Human and why people behave in the ways that they do. What sets us apart from the wild is our organization into societal structures that we have created to ensure our collective survival from the elements and threats.

Being around people is not just an elective thing we do on the weekend with friends in a restaurant, it is a deeply instinctual psychological need from a million years of evolution and myriads of millennia of organizing larger societies. It is such a powerful psychological need that when you are away from other people for long enough periods of time you develop what is commonly referred to as “Cabin Fever.” I experienced this myself as I lived in the mountains for over a year alone with only a stray dog to keep me company. I would drive across mountains, more than an hour away, just to buy a loaf of bread in Walmart to experience the comfort of being around people after months alone.

Photo by Piotr Usewicz on Unsplash

Being isolated and alone can actually contribute to your death as well. Historically, one of the worst punishments that could be handed down upon a bad actor in a village or tribe was to be banished and ostracized from society. That is because you’d not have the safety of a larger group or a stable supplies of sustenance to keep you alive. As we have developed scientific observation and medical study, it has become apparent that isolation away from others causes early death through increased morbidity and mortality rates attributed to loneliness and isolation. Our psychological stresses increase inflammation, stress, cholesterol, and mental illness that lead to early death. Simply put, we have to be around others for our health.

In our modern society, this has carried over into our workplace. We are organized in miniature hierarchical tribes where people join either for pay or for achievement. Our motivating factors are different from person to person, but they largely revolve around being part of a group where we can work towards a common goal and achieve success. It is a need to be part of something larger than ourselves.

We have seen a trend of co-working spaces popping up across the globe from both small and large companies allowing so-called digital nomads, remote workers, and independently-minded entrepreneurs to have an office workplace around others with many amenities they have grown accustomed to that allow them flexibility away from a rigid structure. Why don’t they simply work 100% remotely from home? To answer that, we have to look at motivations that people have for work.

During this crisis, there’s a lot of talk about huge waves of remote-only work or that businesses will simply eliminate physical offices all together. That may work for some workers who prefer to just punch in for their assignments and clock out for personal endeavors, like a lone wolf, but I don’t feel that will be something that the majority of people will feel comfortable with after the novelty of working from home wears off. That is where Herzberg’s Two-Factor Theory of Motivation comes into play along with Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. The two work in concert, but I will briefly address Herzberg.

Photo: Herzberg Two-Factor Theory – 7Pace

For the workforce, jobs are broken down into Hygiene Factors — encompassing things such as income levels and job security — and also Motivation Factors –- encompassing the psychological aspects of the job such as a sense of belonging, doing something meaningful, and being part of a cohesive team –- which coalesce into the overall experience of working for a company or group. Each person has different motivations, like some just wanting prestige of job positioning, but you can’t have one aspect of the Two-Factor requirements without the other. One side will outweigh the other side if it is lacking and the employee will be unhappy. So, you could increase someone’s pay a great amount but if they feel isolated and unhappy then they will end up leaving to find another more enjoyable work experience. These are components of management that are taught to managers and in business school as necessary to the health of a company.

When you remove people from the workplace, where they are not feeling like an active and valuable member of the organization, they will end up leaving. This is often overlooked in the short-term discussion about working from home and decentralizing. This is one of the most important factors into why I feel that work-from-home will not be sustainable across the board for companies. There may be some sections of the workforce, based on personality type, who will opt-in to work remotely fulltime, but I do not see it being rolled out across entire industries or even large companies.

Photo by Levi Guzman on Unsplash

After these rolling lockdowns begin to end, I think that people will be starved to be around their coworkers and friends that they won’t be thinking about staying at home anymore. That will be their last desire. Who knows, WeWork may even pick back up and be host to many new and returning “nomads” to gain some semblance of normalcy back where they can have a visceral sense of security and comfort around others happy to be back in the office.

We spend a large portion of our lives at work. We are driven to be there for a purpose and people around us believing-in and striving for the same goals is an empowering feeling. We need it. We also make a lot of our friends through work and some even find their spouses in the workplace. The office is more personal than it may seem on the surface. It’s the people that make it worth it. And it’s the people that we will go back to.

Why? Because we are Human. We need each other.

Photo by Duy Pham on Unsplash

Corona, Liberty, & Little Tyrants

“Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

Benjamin Franklin

I’m writing this article from one of the first U.S. cities to order public lockdowns, San Francisco. This local government isn’t really known for doing anything right, but even fools get things right on occasion. Luckily, we have bright people running local tech businesses who thought it best to play it safe and ordered their workers to work from home. The city of San Francisco then followed suit.

Now, we find ourselves in a city whose makeup will be changed after this event winds down. The major concern that I have relates to the unintended consequences of shutting down economies out of an abundance of safety all while I have internal conflicts with these mandates for the sake of liberty.

Personally, I don’t think the government has the constitutional authority to force businesses to shut down over something like this unknown and novel event. There are governments across this nation depriving business owners and private citizens the right of pursuit of happiness(free enterprise), the First Amendment by punishing citizens for worshiping their religion, violating the Second Amendment by discriminating against gun shops from operating during a time of crisis when protection is vital, violating the Fifth Amendment by depriving those of liberty with house arrest and property without due process without market rate compensation, the Eighth Amendment by issuing excessive fines for not wearing masks or sitting in a parking lot outside of a church, and scores of other violations of liberty. And for what? Safety? Is it safe to release criminals from jails but then threaten to arrest people going to parks or beaches and take them to jail for getting fresh air?

None of this makes rational sense.

The reality is that people are justifiably scared. There is an unseeable threat lingering among the population and making people ill, but that doesn’t justify creating other threats by overreacting with heavy-handed government mandates or regulations.

Elon Musk, Twitter

Entire industries have been shut down arbitrarily through edicts. Even Elon Musk isn’t immune from this. The local county officials have resisted efforts to allow him to reöpen the only U.S.-based Tesla assembly plant in Fremont, California. There are around 10,000 people who work at that factory who are not able to go to work and it’s putting an entire manufacturing company at risk.

People need to work and the notion that we can have on-going lockdowns is simply untenable. The lockdowns may have been well-intended, but they ultimately will cause more harm than good in the long term. We have gone along with them in the early days because it was reasonable to try and avoid overrunning our healthcare system and causing a breakdown in services. Through this preventative measure, we have slowed the rate of infections to a controllable rate where we aren’t facing hospitals going over their capacity.

However, we have continued to see the voices of little tyrants calling for more government restrictions and asking for the bankrupting of Americans on a whim. Take for example, California Governor Gavin Newsom. The rates of infection have been lower here than what were expected, yet he’s upset with the fact that people are going out to parks and beaches after two months of lockdowns. Who is he to put citizens on house arrest without committing a crime? No one. He still insisted on singling-out Orange County and Newport Beach for individuals going out and behaving responsibly, for the most part, by keeping their distance from others even though they were at the beach, away from their hamster cage at home.

Sheriff Don Barnes, Twitter

Fortunately, patriots in Orange County resisted the shutdown and staged a protest in Orange County along the beach and Orange County Sheriff Don Barnes publicly stated that he wouldn’t use his deputies to enforce Governor Newsom’s threat because he hasn’t seen those patrons as presenting a threat and that he takes his sworn responsibility of ensuring the liberties of his fellow citizens seriously. This public statement was heartening to see in a time where we are seeing many being forced to stay at home under defacto house arrest.

It’s time that we hold our mayors and governors accountable. These local entities have a much greater impact on our daily lives than larger government entities, but they are all still required to follow the U.S. Constitution. If they are insisting on lockdowns then what’s needed are metrics to base the decisions on. With metrics, a baseline is established for what has been documented and goals can be set for future rollback.

Government can’t force citizens into bankruptcy by depriving them the liberty to earn income or operate their businesses, especially upon purely arbitrary reasoning or gut feelings. That’s now how liberty works. We need to start releasing workers back to their jobs while wearing masks. Business owners and employees can make these choices for themselves and don’t need government to dictate to them how to behave. The majority of this social distancing is voluntary behavior. So, stop forcing closures which threaten people with increased financial and health risks.

I suppose a silver lining in all of this is that maybe our citizenry will reëxamine the civil liberties that they’re entitled to and defend them more actively. We aren’t serfs to tyrants. We are pervicacious Americans and this aggression won’t stand.

Let’s Break Up With China

Saving People & The Planet

Photo by Fusion Medical Animation on Unsplash

China’s Role in Covid-19

I’m not really known for mincing words and I have a tendency to be pretty direct with what I want to say. This may be good or bad depending on the perspective. However, there is one area where I have no qualms expressing my opinion and that is the area regarding my views on China.

China’s CCP has helped bring the world’s economies to their knees through its oppression of free speech of heroes in China who tried warning the world of a dangerous outbreak called COVID-19.

We witnessed doctors and journalists in China being rounded-up, punished, disappeared, even dying from the illness they tried warning the world about. To China’s CCP, the appearance of stability and control was more important than the threat of a deadly pathogen that it tried to cover-up. Keeping up appearances prevented international health experts from the CDC and WHO from studying to help prevent an outbreak.

On top of that, China’s CCP has repeatedly lied about their infection rates and death rates while minimizing its actual blame and role in this whole tragedy. Instead, they launched a propaganda campaign of sending aid to European nations. Later which, those nations found the medical protective gear donated to them was counterfeit and offered no protection along with antibody tests failing to work at all.

China’s CCP lied and we must all hold them accountable. It’s time to examine our relationship with this regime. I think it’s time for the world to cut China out of the loop and repatriate or localize supply chains after this disaster. We will all need it for economic recovery in the end. The CCP will only continue to smile while it tries stabbing us in the back.

Photo by wu yi on Unsplash

What is the CCP?

China’s government is the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and it is NOT the Chinese people. The CCP has spent generations brainwashing the populace with propaganda about how they have been wronged by others and that they can only survive through the CCP. China’s citizens are told that they must sacrifice their own goals for the CCP’s agenda and that they will be outcasts and enemies of the state if they have more children than their draconian restrictions describe as acceptable by the party.

The CCP has done this through the government-controlled national media outlets, continually feeding the people of China with social engineering to sway them towards outcomes the party favors. They’ve imbedded government proctors into companies to monitor how they behave or what they produce in efforts to control messaging, and they have created a large police state through a massive surveillance program along with technology/app integration.

Through this surveillance program, the CCP monitors, tracks, shames, reprimands, punishes, or abducts its citizens. This has grave implications on the civil liberties and human rights of the people of China and everyone who visits this nation. We have seen this play out with videos posted online of civilians walking across roads between lights and immediately having that individual’s I.D. plastered onto an nearby billboard and, presumably, being fined through text and having their “social credit score” docked points for being shamed while jay walking.

(Here is video from Daily Mail showing jaywalking tracking)

We have also seen the darker side of this where more than an estimated one million Uighurs have been imprisoned for practicing Islam. They are being sent to concentration camps in Western China to be “reëducated” to not have a higher belief other than the communist party. Uighur wives are being left with Han men who are CCP members. There are reports that the Uighur women are being forced to sleep in the same bed as the men from the Communist party, and being raped, for them to assimilate into the CCP “family.”

Photo by JC Gellidon on Unsplash

Aside from the Uighurs, the practitioners of Falun Gong are being imprisoned for following their beliefs. Both of these groups have suffered unimaginable treatment and are being used as Guinea pigs for the CCP’s organ harvesting program. These political prisoners have had their organs involuntarily harvested to supply a $1Billion+ Chinese secondary market. Foreign nationals are allowed to schedule an organ transplant and fly-in to receive organs from nearby concentration camps of Uighurs and Falun Gong.

What was their crime to warrant having their organs and lives take from them? Threatening the agenda and undermining the messaging of the CCP itself. The CCP sees any free-thinking or outside thought contrary to its stance as a threat to its stability and a crime against the people of China. So, do you find yourself not supporting oppression and lack of free speech? Then you’re a criminal and you’re subject to die in a concentration camp.

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

China’s CCP is also practicing predatory infrastructure loan traps to expand its influential reach across the globe. It has created a predatory program called the “Belts & Roads Initiative”(BRI) where they enter into agreements with nations, mostly poor and under-developed, where they bring in Chinese labor to build highway and railway systems to connect cities for commerce. The problem is that these expenses are massive and the nations have no way of paying off the debt. The debt represents 15% of many nations’ GDP and some of those nations, such as Kenya, owe 72%+ of its debt to China through these sorts of programs or even upwards of 70% of a nation’s GDP.

Is the CCP just super generous and wanting to give out $5Trillion worth of free money? No, absolutely not. The CCP is playing the long game where it is waiting for those nations to default or take out more loans to pay the interest on their older debts. With this, China is buying exclusive mining rights for hundreds of years in poor nations where it can exploit them for their natural resources to pay off a previous debt from building roads. In other places, they’ve trapped island and port nations so that China can cancel the debt owed in exchange for waterway access and ports for hundreds of years. This is a game of dominance, much like the board game “Risk,” and the world is largely ignoring this predatory behavior.

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

However, it doesn’t end there. China’s CCP has stolen the Intellectual Property of the world’s tech and telecom companies to roll out analogues to then sell back to nations in Europe. Chinese theft of I.P. is at an all-time high with 25% of companies reporting that China has stolen from them in the last year alone. That’s where Huawei comes into play. It is trying to sell its 5G communication networks across Europe and the world. Is the CCP wanting to connect people and improve lives? No. The CCP is wanting to control data and have access to communications across the globe where they can continue to expand its theft of I.P. and control what the world sees about China’s actions through pressuring freedom of expression in nations that still have civil liberties. Why? Because that’s what China’s CCP does domestically in China. It controls through fear and through suppressing the free speech of dissenting voices.

This is the CCP. This is what we are empowering and supporting with our trade dollars. This is one of the many reasons that we need to stop enriching the Chinese government and have it die on the vine from economic collapse.\

Photo by chuttersnap on Unsplash

International Trade

We, as Americans, have turned a blind eye to China’s atrocities for the last thirty years. Offshore manufacturing has settled into China and caused a huge economic boom there, under the auspice of “Special Economic Zones”(SEZ) through the concessions that the CCP has made, by allowing for foreign entities to have manufacturing facilities operate for export using Chinese labor.

These changes have given easy access to American companies to produce their goods without the constraints and obligations of labor requirements domestically. In the short-term, it helped boost companies’ stock values and returns by trying to position them to as “service industry” while manufacturing is offloaded overseas. In the long-term, this represents a threat to the companies doing business in China through state-sponsored Intellectual Property theft of their products, it’s a threat to globalized dependence on supply chains, it’s a threat by enriching a dangerous regime to export its oppressive ideology, it’s a threat by empowering the CCP’s flagrant digital abuses with state-sponsored hacking efforts, it’s a moral hazard that the companies are complicit in the human rights and civil rights abuses that their efforts finance, and it’s an existential threat to the globe through both building up a totalitarian regime’s adversarial military forces while also contributing to out-of-control maritime transportation pollution.

Aside from the threat of the totalitarian efforts of China’s CCP, the pollution caused by supporting its export economy is helping to destroy our planet. Approximately 20% of the atmospheric pollution on our planet comes from the oceanic transport industry.

Localizing Supply Chains

After we stabilize our workforce and financial footing, America and other nations need to focus on helping their people and nearby neighbors.  We can do this by refocusing how our commercial supply chains are organized and through modernizing our transport infrastructure.

While off-loading manufacturing, we’ve neglected our domestic infrastructure, treating it more as a relic of our past industrial might from a post-war era where the future was full of amazing promise that we could only dream up for a sci-fi film. Instead, that capital was sent to China they have built the modern cities that America began dreaming of in the 1950s.

According to information compiled by Statista,there are approximately 34,000 General Cargo Ships, Bulk Carrier Ships, and Container Ships cruising our oceans at any given moment. This is how we largely obtain goods from China, through oceanic transport.

Photo by Roger Hoyles on Unsplash

Cargo ships don’t use regular fuel to move their goods. They use the cheapest and most filthy sludge that money can buy, and it’s called “Bunker Fuel.” Bunker Fuel is a byproduct of oil refining where the thick tar-like sludge is left over. That is what ships use for fuel. It’s one of the most awful forms of petroleum used in our modern era as it emits horrendous amounts of sulfur and pollutants into the atmosphere. This pollution is largely overlooked and unregulated because those ships are out in the open ocean and out of view of everyday citizens. Out-of-sight, out-of-mind.

According to a report by iNews UK, it’s estimated that each cargo ship creates the same amount of pollution as 50 Million passenger cars. They also state that a mere 15 of the large container ships create more pollution than all of the passenger cars on the planet combined. If that doesn’t make you think about our supply chains and the implications of offshore dependence, then I don’t know what will. On average, it takes around 12 days for a cargo ship leaving Shenzhen, China to arrive in Los Angeles, CA. During that time, it will burn on average 63,000 gallons of the Bunker Fuel sludge every day for a total of approximately 750,000 gallons during the voyage.

We are polluting our planet for cheap plastic crap from China and I hope that everyone can take this down time to think about the unintended consequences of our doing business with the CCP.

Photo by Jorge Aguilar on Unsplash

A Solution Could Be Mexico

I have thought a lot about what we could do to both create jobs in America, reduce dependency on an adversary like China’s CCP, and lift-up our neighbors.

If American companies would both repatriate manufacturing and relocate supply chains to nearby neighbors, then we could both have a wonderfully vibrant economy and social stability. I think Mexico would appreciate it. I went to school with many international students and I had one sharp classmate, who is from Mexico, explain very succinctly how our economies are intertwined. He said, “If America sneezes, Mexico gets a cold.” If our economy slows down, then Mexico is at risk of much more drastic downturns and currency devaluation.

Mexico is full of amazing and talented people that we can rely on. We would have a much better experience in trade with them as an ally than what we have with our adversary, the CCP of China.

Here are a few bullet points that I think could help improve our position.

  • Immigration issues with Mexico could largely be solved through increased manufacturing and trade with Mexico. As we increase trade with our neighbor, their economy will boom and become more stable while also increasing the per capita annual wages of its citizens. This will create a more stable environment for the Mexican people and improve their quality of life immensely.
  • We can also address the drug cartel crisis that torments and plagues the people of Mexico. With increased individual wealth and increased jobs opportunities creating a better life, the drug cartels will become less and less relevant as a source of money that can be given to the people to do their bidding for them. It won’t be worth the hassle.
  • We can expedite prototyping and shipment to the U.S. for our supply chains. Instead of waiting 40+ days to receive products through oceanic shipping from China, our businesses could have their products in a matter of days to better address changing trends and market needs without having to plan four or more months in advance.
  • A larger number of good-paying railway jobs can be created from an increased distribution system as it becomes an ever-important focal point for logistics.
  • Reduced pollution. Trains move smaller amounts of cargo than cargo ships (around 10%) but they are quicker, they consume less fuel through a hybrid diesel-powered electric generator, and they burn a cleaner type of fuel that releases fewer atmospheric pollutants.
Photo by Clark Tibbs on Unsplash

Let’s Be Better

We can vote where our dollars go in support of products and companies. We aren’t powerless. Corporations have switched to interactive marketing platforms focusing on increased involvement with customers through social media accounts. It’s an invaluable source of information that gives them insights on consumer trends and how to better improve their products or services in a rapid fashion.

All we really need to do is vote with our dollars and let our voices be heard. This also applies to supporting candidates who support initiatives to bring jobs back to the Americas and condemn regimes like the CCP for their horrendous human rights violations and crimes.

We can be better. We don’t have to have blood on our hands from doing business with the CCP. Let’s use our power as consumers to hold corporations and government accountable and use our resources to build up states and nations who value human rights and free trade.

We are all in this together and we are the only people who can help get us out of this predicament.

Photo by Free To Use Sounds on Unsplash

Why Strange New Normal?

Photo by Makenna Entrikin on Unsplash

We find ourselves in a situation where the world has been thrust into panic, economies are fractured, people are out of work, cities/states/countries are locking down the mobility of individuals, and the people are rightfully worried about what the future holds in this time of great uncertainty.

That’s why we have started this website “Strange New Normal” where we host everyday folks, visionaries, and subject matter experts to submit articles about the changes they have witnessed, experienced, insights they have gained, and the changes to our future that have the potential to alter the way we interact with one another and how we will live going forward.

This is a tough time. It may get harder. But this is also the time where humans can pull together to help build an amazing future.

The amazing thing about the Homo Sapiens is that we are incredibly resilient with overcoming difficult circumstances as a community. That, in reality, is why we have survived through the ages even though we lack the might and defensive teeth/claws of other species in the wild.

We have a secret weapon; 1,500CCs of amazing brain capacity that has empowered us with the ability to craft tools to improve our rates of survival, to organize communities to make us impervious to the hostilities of nature, and the ability to master abstract concepts such as planning for the future with new areas of research and development of what could be possible with a little bit of elbow grease.

So, welcome and thank you for joining us on this journey of using that grey matter to help plan for our future. Together, we can do anything!

Photo by Tim Marshall on Unsplash