We are a voluntary team of talented professionals with a wide range of skills and experience who are wanting to help contribute to the vision of the future of how we see the world changing after COVID-19. Meet the team of wonderful people who are writing these articles.

Cyan Banister

Lead & Contributor

Cyan is a frontier investor, located in San Francisco, whose first investment was SpaceX and continued building an amazing portfolio of investments such as Niantic (PokemonGo!) and Uber.

Lee Bishop

Editor & Contributor

Lee is a former duck call maker from the hills of Arkansas who found his way to San Francisco to find a job in a tech company after watching the movie “The Internship” (Partially True). So far, no Google, but he’s earned two graduate degrees in the meantime and aims to add value where he can.

kat cole


Kat Cole, former president of Cinnabon, now COO and president for Focus Brands leading their seven brands.

She has been able to move from a Hooters waitress at 18, to an industry executive by 26, and then turning around a mature global brand by the age of 31. She is a young Global Leader of the World Economic Forum, on the United Nations Global Entrepreneurs Council, and an investor in consumer-focused and tech startups.

Kat was also named one of Fortune Magazine’s 40 Under 40, featured on Undercover Boss, and CNBC’s Next 25 Innovators, Leaders, and Disruptors.

Peter haas


Peter is the Associate Director of the Brown University
Humanity Centered Robotics Initiative where he helps in research on AR, VR and MR interfaces for robots, MR shared mental models with robots, social robotics for the elderly, UAV autonomy, Moral norms in

He was the Co-Founder and COO of XactSense, a UAV
manufacturer working on LIDAR mapping.

alexander marsh


Alex Marsh CTO Entrustody, we are attempting to build a mutual fund supermarket that will significantly reduce customer fees and disrupt the current oligopoly.  I also help my wife run a small organic farm.  I served in the USMC and worked briefly in the intelligence community.  I live in the Detroit area.

Ben crawford


Founder and CEO of Lab 540. Curious explorer of embedded hardware, software, and big data. News junkie and historical biography aficionado. Texas native and beer league hockey player. GED -> Vagabond -> EE dropout.

Enterprise Developer in Dotcom era with exits. Working on maximizing efficiency and safety, and minimizing death and disaster.

pam majumdar


Pam started her career as a civil engineer and visited almost every port on the continental U.S. for a Department of Defense study. She then switched to media and worked at InStyle before pivoting into digital marketing. She’s just started her next career pivot into acting, a pursuit that’s temporarily on hold. 

Interested in blockchain and cryptocurrency, citizen journalism, short-form media, and the evolution of content consumption.

Vishal gurbuxani


An experienced Founder, CTO, Operator, Investor, and Advisor with an entrepreneurial flair.

Experience includes the creation, sale of companies, and investment in numerous startups. Through his time working with tech companies, he has seen the differences between what makes a company great versus what makes a company fail.

Yves bergquist


Yves is an AI researcher and the director of the “AI & Neuroscience in Media” Project at USC’s Entertainment Technology Center (ETC), where his team is researching new methods and applications drawn from AI and neuroscience for the media and entertainment industry. 

Yves is also the founder and CEO of Corto, an early stage AI startup developing software tools to help media makers and marketers understand stories as algorithms and use deep audience data to optimize their distribution across all formats including film, TV, and advertising.

Anthony Atlas


Anthony likes exploring what’s possible at the intersection of science and technology. By day he tackles challenges at, where he leads commercial efforts with food & agriculture companies. At night he chases his son Orin (with some help from his pregnant wife, Kate).

nicole emrani green


Nicole is the Co-founder & CEO of Givingli, a new app for virtual greetings and gifts. With over 10 years of experience in the field of Psychology and a MA in Psychotherapy, Nicole brings a unique perspective, focusing on interpersonal relationships and human behavior, in her work and thinking.

In her time as the CEO of Givingli, she has secured partnerships with dozens of gift partners and design brands, while building a supportive community for independent artists. Design, human connection, and sustainability are just a few of her favorite things.

james birch


James Birch is co-founder of a forthcoming stealth startup. He was previously Chief of Staff of Axovant, where he successfully turned the company around after a Phase 3 trial failure. He was also Chief of Staff at Founders Fund and SoftBank-backed biotech Roivant Sciences. Prior to these roles, James headed data science teams in healthtech and adtech, led an AI research initiative to predict car accidents and injuries for the American College of Surgeons, and developed novel technologies to address climate change for Environment Canada.

He is passionate about the application of technology to solve social and organizational challenges, and spends the majority of his time between New York and Toronto.

Fouzan Alam


Fouzan is the founder of Multitalent and Head of Strategy at Astra Labs (a tech and mental health focused 501c3). He moved into biotech and startups after studying engineering and medicine.

He is obsessed with innovation, product development, brain stimulation, silicon, and sensor design. He enjoys content creation, writing about tech, and pairing drinks with music. He is also a coffee enthusiast and foodie.

Ken Allgood


Ken is the Founder and CEO of, a patient-centered, clinical AI-driven digital health company, and Resilience Labs, a consultancy focused on solving wicked problems through applied complex systems engineering and process/technology design.

With a background in cognitive science, supply chain, and complex systems, his passion and areas of focus is to expand ease and access to healthcare across income brackets with HealthFlow.

Samantha radoccia


Samantha is an entrepreneur, author, engineer, and early blockchain pioneer and advocate who combines the mindsets of an anthropologist and a technologist. A three-time entrepreneur, Sam holds several patents, and is a co-founder of a company currently in stealth, working at the intersection of live-streaming and payments. Previously, she was a co-founder of Chronicled, a San Francisco-based enterprise blockchain company focused on pharmaceutical supply chain.

She’s passionate about Future of Work, Future of Production, Future of Community/Governance as manifested through blockchain and decentralizing systems, virtual and augmented reality, and gaming.

Carlos pero


Carlos is an engineer, Web developer, husband, father, and PokéDad…leveling up in that order.  He has bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and an M.B.A. from Concordia University. 

His entire career has been focused on the Web, starting in 1994 working with CGI scripts before it was possible to center text on a page. After 20 years of building Web sites, he pivoted his career into cybersecurity for Zurich Insurance, focusing on the fundamentals of Web applications and the threats they face. 

On the weekends, he is an admitted wantrapreneur, among other projects owning and operating a business specializing in event software to run Pokémon Trading Card and Video Game tournaments throughout the year and around the world.

vineet madan


Vineet is Founder and CEO of Junction Education. He is focused on the digital transformation of education and learning platforms. His platform helps power learning experiences for IBM Watson, Hacket Publishing, and Yale University Press.

He helped transform McGraw-Hill from a textbook business to a digital platform with over $400M in recurring digital revenue.

During the Obama Administration, he led one of the work groups on a public-private task force with the U.S. Department of Education to chart the nation’s course forward with using technology in schools.

justin caldbeck


Justin is a long-time investor living outside of San Francisco who is enjoys spending time with entrepreneurs building new consumer facing tech products. A Vermont native and lifelong Duke basketball fan who enjoys sports talk radio and enjoys a good poker game.  His investments include companies such as Grubhub, Stitchfix, Opendoor, Goodeggs, Boom Supersonic and Imperfect Produce.

Shubhra Jain M.D.


Dr. Shubhra Jain leads healthcare investments at Cota Capital where she invests in next-generation technologies making quality healthcare accessible and affordable to all. Prior to Cota, she led Product management at Parkland Center for Clinical Innovations where she developed and launched SaaS risk surveillance and prediction solutions for clinical outcomes and published peer-reviewed research on the subject. 

Dr. Jain is a Primary Care Physician, has her Masters in Engineering from Stanford with a major in Biodesign and her MBA from the Wharton School of Business. She also runs and manages a nonprofit with her father that runs two schools and two hospitals in rural India.

John Ryan


John has founded and run several tech companies, almost always working on strategy where the outcomes are uncertain. He holds a PhD in physics from Imperial College, London but also studied art and occasionally exhibits and sells his paintings, which are marked by vibrant colors and deep texture.

British-born, he has lived and worked in the UK, US, Taiwan and speaks several languages, all badly. He lives aboard a floating home in the San Francisco Bay, with his wife, globally recognized technology leader Mary Lou Jepsen, and a Lhasa Apso.

Reginald Young


Reginald Young lives in San Francisco, where he’s an attorney at the fintech company Bluevine and has experience working with investment funds and startups. 

He’s from the Midwest, has a BA from UW-Madison, JD from UCLA, and, in his free time, enjoys blogging about behavioral psychology and writing science fiction.

Margot Schmorak


Margot is the CEO and Co-Founder of Hostfully, a venture-backed startup that helps vacation rental companies distribute their listings and deliver a great guest experience.

Previously, Margot led teams at ServiceSource, Coveroo, and Apple, where she launched the first iPhone Developer Program. Margot is a combo of Jewish, Chinese, and Minnesotan. She holds a BA from Vassar College and MBA from University of Michigan. She lives in San Francisco with her husband Ari and three young kids.

Vivek Kumar


Vivek Kumar leads the Deep Learning team at Dolby laboratories, creating state-of-the-art Audio and Speech technologies, and developing AI strategy. He has led the development of Dolby’s core codecs ( Dolby Digital Plus  &  Dolby TrueHD ) and created technologies for  Dolby Atmos.

He  invests and helps with strategy development focusing on hard tech companies on the verge of creating disruptive technologies

Tifanie Olson


Tifanie is the Co-Founder of Deep Nexus, where she applies machine-learning technologies to time-series data. Outside of Deep Nexus, she photographs, studies languages, and runs miles along the streets of NYC.

Asra Nadeem


Asra is currently building Opus AI, a media company powered by artificial intelligence, that empowers storytellers to bring their creations to life as movies and games.

She also invests in early stage companies through DraperU Ventures. For the last 15 years, Asra has led product and market development for 3 venture funded startups in MENASA; one of which is the largest dating website for Muslims.

Her first book, ‘Freedom and Fried Chicken’ will be publishing in the near future